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Our Witchdoctors Are Too Weak

Our Witchdoctors Are Too Weak

When an isolated Amazon tribe sends out a plea for help, a young and enthusiastic North American makes his way deep into the jungle only to find that he is far from perfect, far from gifted, and very far from home. The modern world becomes a distant memory as Davey Jank enters a world that few even know exists; a world where witchcraft and shamanism are the trade of the powerful, and where fear drives a timid and isolated society to acts of desperation and to the brink of despair.

As year fades into year, Davey Jank and the others who later join him struggle to decipher and learn the unwritten language of the tribe. In the process, they develop an alphabet for it and soon the Wilos are enthusiastically reading and writing in their own language for the first time in their history. But the Wilos want more. They want to know what “God’s Talk” says. They are holding out hope that there is something more to life than the vicious cycle of fearing and appeasing the evil spirits at every turn.

OUR WITCHDOCTORS ARE TOO WEAK shows that God and His Word are relevant the world over, no matter the culture. This collection of quirky stories will transport readers outside the “church box” where they can appreciate God in a fresh new way through the eyes of an Amazon tribe – all while having a laugh at the missionary’s expense.

OUR WITCHDOCTORS ARE TOO WEAK illustrates God in action. It brings to life the concept of reaching the lost in a style that is both amusing and heart-felt. It’s especially powerful in the way it shows God working through people who are not hyper-spiritual, not dead-serious, and very honest about their own shortcomings. Most of us can relate to that.